Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wheeler Farm

Yesterday, Elanor and I went with some friends of ours to Wheeler Farm. It is a historic working farm, but it is a state park----and---it is free! We were able to walk around the farm at our leisure and look at farm animals, which all the little ones loved. It was a much different experience than the time we went to their spendy pumpkin patch thing last year (at Wheeler Farm as well). We won't be going back for the pumpkins, but we did love looking at all the animals and getting some fresh air!
Chasing geese and ducks

Eli, Micah, Grey and Elanor looking at the rabbits.

Climbing on the wagon.

Elanor and Eli

That face...

Looking at the cows.

Eli, Micah and Elanor

Elanor loved the horses!

Grey and Elanor looking at the turkeys.

Duck pond.

I taught Elanor how to play Pooh Sticks (just toss a stick on one side of a bridge, run to the other side and see who's stick wins). She loved it and wanted to play over and over!

We will definitely go back here again. We had so much fun and got so dirty.


  1. I love that face she does. She is darling and so so cute!

  2. Elanor is so beautiful! I love the little outfit you dressed her in!

  3. Hey Elizabeth, I love the new look to your blog and this farm looks like soo much fun!