Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I am so excited about Elanor's Halloween costume this year. I actually made it and it actually looks good! I mentioned on here before that Elanor was going to be Little Red Riding Hood and I have been prepping for this costume since August (I bought the material and supplies back then) and I actually finished the costume in plenty of time. I made a corset type vest, a skirt, apron and of course a little red cloak.  My inspiration for this costume were the traditional Norwegian folk clothes such as this:

I went this route because I wanted a very old-fashioned, traditional feel and something that Little Red Riding Hood might have actually worn (though the story is from Germany, not Norway). I also used this cloak tutorial, but I lined the cloak, and used a button and elastic instead of velcro. 

When we were back in Oregon two weeks ago, we took Elanor into my parent's forest for a little photo shoot/walk/picnic--she pretended like she was going to "Grandma's house" the whole time.

I could not get Elanor to slow down. She was bound and determined to get to "Grandma's house", obviously she would not have stopped to chat with a wolf.
I could not keep up!

We stopped for a sunny, pleasant picnic.

This hair style is my favorite!

A very brief video of Little Red Riding Hood in the forest:

We found a ton  of leaves and Elanor wanted to play in them, of course!

In these two pictures, you can see some of the details of the costume:
 The cloak exterior is corduroy, and the interior is cotton. The vest is canvas, and gave the outfit the rustic feel I wanted. The skirt is some sort of felted wool material. I am not completely sure, as I found about 2 yards of it at a vintage shop for only $2! The little apron is just some white cotton fabric I already had and I added the eyelet trim, and the band with the ribbon. This ribbon is traditional Norwegian ribbon and it is so beautiful! I ordered the ribbon from an Etsy shop. 
 I enjoyed making this costume and we are so excited to take Little Red out trick-or-treating tonight (we are all feeling much better, fyi).

Happy Halloween!

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