Friday, June 13, 2014

Spring Recital

Last night was Elanor's recital (also mine, as I teach 8 classes at the studio) and all of my classes did really well! Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed by Elanor's class, because they have done it better, but oh well, they are three year olds! Elanor's partner in the dance had the wrong time somehow, so she got there way after their dance was over. It was a bit heartbreaking that this little girl did not make it! It also made it hard to figure out partners last minute with three year olds. In class, they never messed up the partner part, but did this time. I wanted Elanor to join with another group and be a trio, but it did not quite work out. Elanor and the girl next to her ended up being the only ones who remembered to circle around with their partner. Elanor really did a good job and remembered most of the dance, which I was really happy about!

I do have a video and some pictures!
Waiting to go on!

Elanor's class.

Waiting to go onstage!

After the show!

My Aunt Terri and cousin, Julie, came to watch Elanor!

Here is the dance! They are dancing to "You Can Fly" from Peter Pan. Elanor is on the far right.

It feels nice to be all done! I had seven dances in this recital and everyone did well. Summer break feels like it is here now (granted I am teaching summer classes in July).

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  1. Wow, go Elizabeth!! And Elanor!! I LOVE the costume, too!