Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas 2014

I like being able to look back on our Christmases, so I hope others enjoy these pictures as well. 
We had a lovely Christmas and here is what it looked like:

Quick visit with Jess and Ricky.

Christmas Eve table set up.
Elanor got a jewel in her Christmas cracker.

Clara/Nutcracker dance
Silly girl.
We did not have much of a Nativity scene this year, but Elanor did her part as Mary well!
My dad as a wise man bringing gifts for Baby Jesus.
A Laurent family photo--a pretty terrible one--but it is our last Christmas as a family of three!

Christmas Eve pajamas.

Some treats and a note for Santa.

Elanor did not wake up until 7:30!

She was so excited about this huge present!

Elanor and Papa!
Elanor with her cousins, Casen and Colbi.

Playing a new game with Uncle Trevor!
Silly Elanor with Mema!
Tyler and Kenny with similar hats.
Elanor was able to go on her great uncle Dan's four wheeler. She had a lot of fun!

We just had to drive a little ways up Larch Mountain to find some snow to play in.

 I hope everyone had a happy Christmas!

Here's to the New Year!
{I'm so excited to meet our baby in April!}

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