Friday, January 16, 2015


I have been going through and organizing different parts of my house and today I went through our desk. I have cleaned it up and tidied it upon occasion, but this is the first time I took everything out and threw away a bunch of stuff. I found quite a few burned photo cds! They were fun to look at because some of them I had not looked at since we got them. For this cd, we were still in Virginia and a friend of ours was building up a photography portfolio and took all of these for free! It was fun to look back. Elanor was so tiny and it made me so excited for our new baby coming in April!

The guy who took this actually entered this photo into a competition for the cover of the local tourist magazine. He won, so we were on the cover!

So cute of these two!

She is sucking her thumb...

Our friend also went to all the SVU sporting events and took photos, so he gave some of the ones he had of Tyler.

This all seemed so long ago, almost fours years ago! Can you believe I have been graduated from university for four years and eight years from high school. It does not seem that long ago, but then again it does. So much has happened and we have changed quite a bit too.

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