Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Weekly Photo(s)

I've been rather absent on this blog lately. Sorry about that! We went home to Oregon for Christmas and then Elanor and I stayed longer to help my mom with her next play. I did the choreography for it and Elanor has a small part! We will need to go back for more rehearsals in February and the play is in March. (We are also hoping to move back to Portland, hopefully in February!)

So here are all the Weekly Photos I missed and I will get some more posts up soon as well!

Weekly Photo(s) which should have been posted on December 29th:
Small Scott Family Christmas this year! My brothers are both on missions and Jessica and Ricky were only here part of Christmas Eve Day as they went down to San Jose to visit Ricky's family. Christmas Eve dinner was a small affair with my parents and us, it was quite fun even so. Next year, Ian will be back from his mission, we will have another baby and Jessica and Ricky will have a baby as well! I'm excited for all the babies!
Christmas Morning at Tyler's mom's house! Elanor is opening up gifts with Great-Grandma Sandy looking on.

Weekly Photo which should have been posted on January 5th:
Snow angels on Larch Mountain.

The Weekly Photo which should have been posted on January 12th:
Down by the Willamette (Ross Island Bridge in the background).

All caught up on Weekly Photos! Christmas recap in photos tomorrow!

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