Saturday, March 28, 2015

37 Weeks

These last couple months have gone by really fast as we were back and forth in Utah and Oregon (working on the play). Now I am 37 weeks, which means the baby is full term and can come at any time! We are so excited to meet this new little girl. However, I would prefer if she came after Easter as we still have a lot to get done before she comes. 

So, here I am at 37 weeks:
Elanor really wanted to be in the picture!

These pictures were both taken at 37 weeks. I'm pregnant with baby #2 in the one on the left and with Elanor on the right. I think I look pretty similar in size.

I am really grateful that I have really easy pregnancies. I am not too easily tired, have plenty of energy, I don't swell anywhere, and I generally feel good! I had an appointment this past week and I am already dilated 1cm, and today and last night I felt like I had some minor contractions or pressure of some sort. As I said above, I would prefer her to come after Easter, but who knows? I would be excited either way! Elanor was born five days early, so it is possible this baby could be a little early or I could be pregnant for another month! Whatever the case, we will have a baby soon!

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