Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Weekly Photo(s)

Well, we are back in Utah and the play is over. The play went really well and Elanor had so much fun being in the show. She certainly loves being onstage. We had a super busy last couple weeks with dress rehearsals, shows, family and finishing up last minute stuff for the play, which is why I did not blog. So here are two Weekly Photos:

Weekly Photo, which should have been posted on March 16th:

My mom's birthday was on March 11th, and for a nice break from the play we went on a beautiful hike.

Should have been posted this Monday:

Elanor as a squirrel in the play, "Willy Wonka".

I promise there will be more posts up soon, as well as some updates on the pregnancy (I am almost 37 weeks!).

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