Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas, part four: Christmas Day

After we opened presents at my parent's house, we headed over to Tyler's Mom/Mema's house for breakfast before we went to church at 11am. It was really nice to have church on Christmas because we were taking time to talk (well, we listened) about Christ on the day we remember his birth. The whole reason we have Christmas is because of Christ and it is so easy to forget and get all caught up in presents and cooking and decorating. None of these above things are bad (I love them in fact!), but it is important to remember  why we have this most wonderful time of the year.

We had to wait for Trevor (Tyler's brother) to get home from work (he works at a hospital) to open presents. When he got home, we started! Elanor loved getting to open presents all over again. She definitely got spoiled this Christmas (that is what grandparents are supposed to do right?).
 Elanor opening a present with Mema's help

 Casen and Colbi came over to exchange gifts, which made Elanor so happy!
 Elanor loves them. A lot.

We had a Christmas lunch with Tyler's Mom and Kenny and then we headed over to Tyler's Dad's/Grandma's house for Christmas dinner (where Elanor was pleased to find out she could open up more presents!). They were both delicious meals!

A few days later we spent some time with Tyler's aunt, uncle, cousins, sister, and grandma. It was so great that we were able to see everybody!

 Tyler, Elanor and Trevor
 Tyler's Aunt Julie
Playing with cousin Emily

We were also able to go skiing (thanks to my parents) the day before we left. The weather was really warm in Oregon and so we waited an extra day and went up the day we were supposed to leave. It snowed the whole time we were on the mountain (which was really good because Mt. Hood had almost no snow...). We were able to go with my brothers and sister, which was so fun! We had not been skiing with them in a long time...

It was great trip and we were glad we were able to see so many people. We miss our family a lot, so it was really lovely to see them all.

We had a very merry Christmas!

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  1. She looks more and more like you every time I see her! So cute! We miss you guys!