Monday, January 23, 2012

Elizabeth Bennet Recipe

So, I am reading Pride and Prejudice right now for the 3rd time (I think) and I can't put it down. I have already read it, know what is going to happen and have also watched the A&E version a million times. I know this story! What makes this book so good? Yes, the romance, yes, it is well written, but it is the characters that carry this story. They are all so real and we have all met our fair share of Mr. Collins' and Mr. Wickham's. I always get something different out of a book when I read it in another stage in life. I think I was either in high school or a freshman in college the last time I read it and I have changed quite a bit since then. Elizabeth Bennet, though not perfect, is such an amiable, intelligent, witty, fun, girl. Her sister Jane is equally as pleasant, so very sweet, and just so good. I would take either of those girls as my daughters.

My question is: How did Jane and Elizabeth turn out so well, while the other three turned out so silly? Elizabeth mentioned (when questioned by Lady Catherine about her education) that they did not have a governess and they were expected in a large part to teach themselves and they were given all they needed to do so. Those that applied themselves (Jane and Elizabeth) flourished. I think by disposition, Jane and Elizabeth were able to succeed in that environment while the others needed more guidance. This got me thinking about children and how different they all are. I am so curious what my other kids will be like. I don't want any Lydia's or Kitty's. I feel like Lydia could have been quite successful if she had been reined in and given less freedom. She obviously was a leader and very likable, but gave in to her desire to be loved  and her reckless side.

So how can you make your daughter into an Elizabeth vs. a Lydia? I am no expert as Elanor is only one, but I think my mom did a good job with my sister and I. She encouraged us to do things we were good at, but also challenged us to try new things as well. My mom was not prepared for a girl who loved ballet, but she enrolled me and helped me to become a better dancer. She also wanted me to play sports as well and curbed my somewhat too girly side and made me into (I think) a fairly well-rounder girl. The same with my sister, but the other way around. She was more of a tom-boy and helped Jessica to be a bit more girly. I find that the best sort of girls are those that are a perfect balance between being feminine and strong (strong as in: intelligent, athletic). So please, lets stop raising silly girls. Princesses are fine and I admit I like those sorts of stories, but really if your little girl only cares about princesses and the color pink, then she is heading into the world of flirting, texting, and make-up. There is nothing wrong with texting (if not obsessive) and make-up (if fact I think girls should wear make-up, but not until high school) but if that is her whole world then yes, there is something seriously wrong.

So please, lets raise Elizabeth Bennet's.


  1. I love this!!! YES I agree! We need more Elizabeth Bennets! I am so glad you like the real version of pride and prejudice.. I LOVE it. The new one with Kiera Knightley isn't bad, but it is nothing compared to the 5 hour version. I love the book too, so good!

  2. Thank you! I agree about the Keira Knightly version... I love how you called the A&E version the "real" version. hehe. I am not a fan of Keira Knightly at all, and I just could not stand her as Elizabeth.