Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We got some snow on Saturday! We have not really had any snow since before Halloween, there have been a few flurries here and there, but not much. Everyone keeps telling me that this is not very typical of Utah. I was excited for snow, so I have been a bit bummed about the lack thereof. 

 We only got about 2-3 inches but hey, it was enough to sled on! The McKee's gave us a sled for Christmas and this is the first time we used it. Elanor loved it. Our hill in our backyard is pretty tiny, so when we get some more snow we will have to head to Liberty Park.
 We (I) built a tiny snowman.

Trudging through the snow (it was pretty difficult...).

You might be wondering where Tyler is in all this, being Saturday and all. Well, he is taking a CNA (certified Nursing Assistant) class every Saturday in January from 8-6 (uuuggghhh). Tyler has decided he wants to be a Physician's Assistant (which is like a doctor, but not quite). He has to take some prerequisite classes (he has started with Anatomy and Developmental Psychology this semester), get some experience (thus the reason he is taking the CNA class), and then he can apply (in 2 years!!Aaaahhhh!!!!). Did I mention he is still working full time at Huntsman? He is going to be busy. It will be a pretty long process and I won't see Tyler as much as I like, but he has done some job shadowing and knows this is what he wants to do. Furthermore, I think he will be really good at it because he likes helping people and people always love Tyler.


  1. Yay for snow! Boo for busy husbands! So sorry we couldn't get together during the break after all. Hope you guys are doing well though. Miss you!

  2. I'm sorry we couldn't get together too! Elanor is getting cuter by the second! She looks SO old!!