Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas, part two: Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve and the few days before with my family. We have a lot of traditions on Christmas Eve, so it is my favorite part of Christmas.

 We took Elanor down to Macy's to see Santa Claus. When I was growing up, we always went to downtown Portland to see the Santa in the Santa Land at Meier and Frank. Macy's bought out Meier and Frank a few years ago and changed Santa Land. It used to be on the top floor, had a train for kids to ride and was decorated different every year. The Macy's Santa Land was a little disappointing  and the Santa had a fake beard and looked a bit like the robot Santas from Doctor Who. We later found out that the same company and good Santa that we used to go see now does a thing in Pioneer Square. There was not a line at Macy's but there was a huge line for the Santa at Pioneer Square. We will have to go to that Santa next year....
 Elanor did really well with Santa. She was a little nervous, so I went up with her. I am so glad that she did not cry!
 All four Scott kids all grown up with Santa.
By the reindeer

At Pioneer Square, (after seeing Santa) with Gran (look at that line to see the real Santa!).

Christmas Eve:

I had a theme this year for gift wrapping. I found these printable tags here and decided to go with the brown paper and twine look. I loved how it turned out!

 Elanor drinking all of Grandpa's homemade eggnog!
 We eat a pretty fancy dinner on Christmas Eve and we always have oyster stew (a super old family tradition). We also usually do some sort of program with singing, performances (dance, instruments, singing, jokes) and then also act out the nativity story. This year and the past few years we have just read the nativity story from Luke, because we are all pretty old. Next year, Elanor will be old enough to participate though, so we will act it out!

 On Christmas Eve, everyone always opens up a pair of pajamas. Elanor loved passing presents out.

New Pajamas!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve. It was so wonderful to be with family and it was so much fun to watch Elanor enjoy and experience Christmas.

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  1. Elanor is so beautiful in her little Christmas dress! I love your wrapping style- I want to try that for next year